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2018 Teruzzi PEPERINO Toscana Rosso IGT Magnum GB (1,5l)


A beautiful red in gift box magnum format from Teruzzi estate in Tuscany
ГОД2018 г.
РАЗМЕР1500 мл
ВИНОГРАД40% Merlot, 60% Sangiovese
РЕГИОН, СТРАНАТоскана, Италия
РЕЙТИНГИ И НАГРАДЫJames Suckling 92p (2017)


В наличии лишь 3

В наличии лишь 3

Peperino is represented by a rabbit knight holding a spear and shield and riding a hybrid creature, a snail with a human head. Drolleries, babewyns, antics with mysterious meanings or no meanings at all, hybrid creatures, monstrous medieval creations, or just the product of the amanuenses’ irony: A tribute to the symbols and the art of the illuminated manuscripts of the Gothic period.

Запах и вкус: The nose reads a good intensity and persistence, with woody notes that blend harmoniously with the wine’s fruity elements. A full wine with a pleasant, distinctive character, strong tannin notes, but well-balanced to the fruit, and a long aftertaste.
Предложения по сервировке: Рекомендуется подавать с говядиной и олениной
Подавать в: 18-20 ° С

About Teruzzi: Past, present and future coexist at Teruzzi: a state-of-the-art winery, constantly exploring the most innovative solutions to produce the best wines, while respectful of the local heritage and the Tuscan vine and wine tradition. Teruzzi’s pioneering role, its study of avant-garde methods, rigor and stylistic simplicity go hand in hand with the search for processes that yield personal, authentic wines, full-flavored and expressing the characteristics of their place of origin. Originality, innovation and historical continuity with tradition: this is the Teruzzi style. The logo and the labels pay homage to the Middle Ages, the age of city-states, which was also the time of peak development of a thriving San Gimignano – no dark age, but a time of great human and spiritual evolution, when rationality and irrationality, wonder and deceit, unrest and disbelief merged together.
In 2016, the estate and winery were taken over by Terra Moretti, the holding owned by the Moretti family. The family business is managed by a beautiful and talented Francesca Moretti.

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2018 г.




Ценовой диапазон


Merlot, Sangiovese



Гастрономические сочетания

Beef, Game, Red meat


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