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Winecountry is like a family and we want you to feel the same way – always welcome, any time of the day, month, year.

It all started with a discussion over a glass of wine. We established that the availability of simply good wines at affordable prices in Latvia is limited. Either one can buy a mediocre mainstream wine in the supermarket or in the other extreme, can reach out to a local specialist wine store, where prices are above your pay grade. In between there was a gap that we plan to fill.

We want to be different than the others. We have carefully handpicked producers and wines, that tell a story to us, are highly rated, award winning and yet, affordable. You probably will not find a bottom shelf wine with us, of if you do, it will be the hidden gem that nobody except us noticed. More likely you will find a range of good and very good wines for a good, affordable price.

We are starting with a wide range of wines from one of our own, Italy. The country always brings a smile in your face – walks in Rome, hilly Tuscany, skiing in the Alps, the many seas and of course, food and wine and the company of friends. There is hard to find anything that can compete with a warm Italian evening, friends cooking together and then having an evening long feast of great food, great wines and the best company.

And then there is England. Probably you have heard more about wine producing in Latvia and Estonia, than that some of the best sparkling wines come actually from UK. And we are happy that we are the ones bringing the unpolished and unknown diamonds to you, our dear friends. Bit by bit we will add other wines from other countries but as said, first we want to be sure that what we offer qualifies as a simply good wine.



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